So, during the storm that I mentioned, "Twosnakes" was the tender of the Sacred Fire. The fire had been built up to a decent bonfire during the drumming on Saturday night, but that doesn't begin to explain what he did. As the storm began to beat down on him, the rain pouring, the lightning striking in all directions, including one strike that fell within the fairgrounds, he was running back and forth from the pile of wood. The fire continued to burn low, and he felt that all he could do was wait it out and protect the coals from being extinguished. That is, until the heart of the storm, when suddenly wind seemed to come from every direction. The huge pile of wood that he had built up all ignited simultaneously and suddenly there was a pillar of fire reaching into the heavens right in the middle of this storm.
And that is why Twosnakes is a superhero.

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