I'm fairly confident in calling MLP:FiM the most Pagan show on television.

  • Premise 1: Religion shapes our lives and everything we do. This includes media in that it will have Christian undertones etc.
  • Premise 2: Each religion has its own flavor
  • Premise 3: Pagan undertones would include: Revealing the divinity in those who consider themselves unremarkable, tasks assigned by the Gods, strong feminine characters, relationships between Gods and mortals
  • Observation: My Little Pony has strong Pagan undertones. It is established early on that the royalty is considered to be Divine. Celestia, the most powerful and well known of Royalty, She who Raises the Sun, has taken the main character as her personal student (disciple). Before she can gain divine power and become divine herself (sorry, spoiler for season 3 finale) she must share her knowledge with the uninitiated in Ponyville. She befriends 5 who are completely uninitiated who demonstrate a vast array of skills that she, even with all of her knowledge, does not possess and occasionally completely confuses her. Tasks are assigned frequently to both Twilight and her friends by the Princess-Goddess Celestia, beginning with the redemption of her sister who is perceived as evil. Through her journeys, Twilight begins to understand that evil is simply an illusion (Let's pretend that King Sombra didn't happen, k?) and even the most twisted can be redeemed through love. Finally, upon understanding the power of love and frienship, truly understanding both Mortals and Magic, she is made divine. That is the most impressive and overt pagan reference, in my opinion. It is not that Celestia brings her into the Royal Family, it is that Twilight has become a Princess-Goddess by her own power.

Divinity is something that we all innately have, but it does require following our own path, both guided by the Gods and when They trust us to follow our own judgment.

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