So, this weekend was an adventure:
Pagan Fest was amazing...I had a great time, and I'll eventually need to give a full report...however there were two connected things that just...I'm either losing my mind or am having my chosen path verified.

I spent Pagan Fest in a tent. My parents' tent, where a pole was half-broken when last it was used, and isn't water proof (as I learned) and hasn't been used in 10 years. That was probably poor planning on my part, but it was done. I spent the weekend on the Wayne County Fair a tiny crappy little, barely large enough for me and all of my stuff.

This morning, it was supposed to rain a little bit. 0.05 inches or so for an hour...I figured that was almost nothing, so I curled up in my sleeping bags at 1:30 and went to sleep.
Until 3:30, that is, when I encountered the pitter-patter of tiny raindrops.

On my face.
Ok, so this is going to drive me nuts...after around 15 minutes, I suck it up, grab my pj pants and bathrobe and hide in my drivers seat of my car. Naturally, of course, this is after hiding Tsuro away from the rain in my cooler (it did survive this, don't worry, no games were harmed in this adventure)
So, I grab a towel, drape it over my eyes and attempt to go back to sleep. Evidently Father Sky took this as a challenge...the thunder rolled and rumbled and the skies opened and suddenly the percussion on my roof became a full blown Concerto. The rain was now accompanied by the wind, whipping through the camp, and the thunder and lightning crashed down all around the camp.
A later story will come where I declare Twosnakes a hero for saving our sacred fire through this storm, but this is not that story.
No, this storm continues to rage through the entirety of the 4 AM hour. At nearly 5 AM, the storm slows, reaching it's third movement, finally bringing us around to an overcast as morning light begins to spread through the clouds.
For those who do not know me, I cannot sleep if there is be honest, the only reason I'm still awake is the light pouring through my blinds at the moment
So, with nothing to do at 5 AM and no sleep to be had, I grab my pants and suddenly realize that I had left my shoes in the tent to drown. So I meander, shoeless, through the camp toward the showers. The day before, I learned that these showers have to settings: C and H...which stand for Cold and Holy Fuck Cold. So I'm ready for a cold shower, I step in, turn on the H handle to max and...Praise the Gods, it's steaming!

Moral of the story: High Magic requires sacrifice...Evidently I inadvertently sacrificed my sleep in return for a warm shower.

Part B: The Chair
So, I had, at my camp site, a standard, blue, camp chair. Nothing was special about it. During the torrential rain which tore down at least one tent and woke up most of the campers, this chair remained completely stationary. There was no great weight upon it. In fact, all that remained on it was the final sip of my Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana juice.

On Saturday, I got a craving. Not for food, not for anything I normally like, but strawberry banana juice. Now, it wasn't even for me to drink it. No, it was a craving to pour it as a libation offering in the sacred fire for my Goddess, Aphrodite. Try as I might, all day, I could not quench that feeling, so I went out and bought a bottle and poured a measure on the fire. I drank the majority of it through the day, leaving only the last drops in the bottle, on the chair in front of my tent.

Needless to say, I sacrificed the last sip to the Goddess as well.

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